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AA (Art Attack)
AB (Asian Butterfly)
ABe (Asian Butterfly Encore)
AC (Allegra Champagne)
AE (Angelica Eve)
AG (Allie Gabrielle )
AiSt (Ailurophile Style)
AlEm (Alexis Emerald)
AMB (Ambrosial)
ARMB (Ayanami Rei meets Blythe -White Light- )
AS (Ashley’s Secret)
AsAl (Asha Alvira)
AZ (Ahcahcum Zukin)
Aztec (Aztec Arrival )


B2H (B2 HOLic)
BaBr (Baby’s Breath)
BB (Bohemian Beat)
BBA (Bohemian Beats Again)
BBB (Black Berry Bush)
BBPF (Bling Bling Party Fur)
BiPe (Bianca Pearl)
Birdie (Birdie Blue)
BlBl (Bloomy Bloomsbury)
BP (Bohemian Peace)
BS (Border Spirit)
BV (Beatrice Vest)
BWT (Bow Wow Trad)


C9B (Cloud 9 Bowl)
CA (Casual Affair)
CaCh (Cappucino Chat)
CB (Cherry Berry)
CBB (Curly Blue Babe)
CBS (Cherry Beach Sunset)
CC (Candy Carnival)
CCC (Can Can Cat)
CCJ (Cream Cheese and Jam)
CDF (Charlotte des Fleurs)
CG (Cinnamon Girl)
ChBa (Cherie Babette)
ChBl (Chocolat Blythe)
ChCr (Charming Crystalline)
CIO (Check It Out)
ClCl (Clearly Claire)
CM (Cadence Marjorette)
CO (Cousin Olivia)
CoCo ( Coco Collete)
CoSu (Country Summer)
CP (Cinema Princess)
CS (Cassiopeia Spice)
CtB (Denizens of the Lake “Christina the Bride”)
CuCu (Cute and Curious)


DaBi (Dainty Biscuit)
DaDe (Dandy Dearest)
DaDr (Dauphine Dream)
DB (Disco Boogie)
DE (Didee Eureka )
Devi (Devi Delacour’s )
DD (Dottie Dot)
DDru (Daunting Drusilla)
DLG (Dear Lele Girl)
Diva (Darling Diva)
DRH (Dark Rabbit Hole)
DxB (Doronjo x Blythe)


EE (Elegant Ellie)
EFD (Denizens of the Lake “Eleanor the Forest Dancer” )
EHW (Excellent Hollywood)
EP (Enchanted Petal)


Fani (Fani Flamingo)
FaPa (Fancy Pansy)
FF (Frosty Frock)
FOJ (Fashion Obsession Jenna)
FrFr (Friendly Freckles)
FruPu (Fruit Punch)
FT (French Trench)
FTS (Feel the Sky)
FAD (Float Away Dream)


GC (Gracey Chantilly)
GE (Gerda Eternity)
GG (Groovy Groove)
GGGG (Goody Girl Go Go )
GNC (Good Neighbor Café)
Goldie (All Gold in One)
GOJ (Garden of Joy)
GR (Gentle River)


HaHa (Happy Harbor)
HB (Honey Bunny Once More)
HH (Hello Harvest)
HHM (Hi!-Ho! Marine)
HHP (Henrietta’s Home Party)
HMMB (Hatsune Miku Meets Blythe -Eclectic Super Idol-)
HoHi (Hoshinonamida Hime)
HoM (Heart of Montmartre)
HW (Hollywood)
HAJMC (Hello again Junie Moonie Cutie)


ILYIT (I Love You It’s True)
IH (Ichigo Heaven)
IR (Ice Rune )


JD (Jillian’s Dream )
JG (Joanna Gentiana’s)
JL (Jane Lefroy)
JMHSH (Junie Moon Home Sweet Home)
JMC (Junie Moonie Cutie)


KMT (Kiss Me True)
Kozy (Kozy Kape Inspired)


LC (Lady Camellia)
LD (Lumi Demetria)
LFL (Longing for Love)
LH (Lavender Hug)
LJ (Les Jeunette)
LJM (Le Jardin de Maman)
LK (Last Kiss)
LL (Lounging Lovely)
LLL (Leading Lady Lucy)
LM (Love Mission)
LnM (Love and More)
LoMo (Lorshek Molseh)
LS (Leopard Sass)
LP (Lady Panacea)


MaCC (Mandy Cotton Candy )
MaMa (Matryoshka Maiden)
MaMe (Marabelle Melody)
MBF (My Best Friend)
MCC (Paradis by Mono Comme Ca)
MeTa (Mermaid Tasha)
MiMa (Minty Magic)
Miss A (Miss Anniversary)
Milk (Lil’ Heart by Milk)
Mitten (Mitten by Blythe)
MLC (My Little Candy)
MM (Mod Molly)
MMB (My Melody ♥ Blythe – Softly Cuddly You & Me –)
MMe (Marrakech Melange)
MML (Margaret Meets Ladybug)
MOH (Majesty of Hearts)
MoMa (Monique Magnifique)
MPG (Manuheali’i Paradise Girl)
MRB (Mademoiselle Rosebud)
MRM (Mrs. Retro Mama)
MS (Merry Skier)
MiSp (Midnight Spell)
MSR (Miss Sally Rice)
MT (Musical Trench)
MTL (Misha tebyA lyublyU)
MUG (Margo Unique Girl)
MW (Meowsy Wowsy)
MWS (Milky Way Sugar)


NF (Night Flower)
Nike (Courtney Tez by Nike)
NL (Nicky Lad)
NM (Natasha Moore)
NP (Nostalgic Pop)


OKM (Odekake Kimono Musume)
OLT (Odette Lake of Tears)
OnS (Orange and Spice)
OTS (Happy Everyday/Over the Stripes)


PAF (Picnic Al Fresco)
PAM (Princess a la Mode)
PaPa (Patty Patch)
Parco (Parco Limited)
PCM (Precocious Candy’s Mushroom)
PD1A (Prima Dolly Ashletie)
PD1Ae (Primadolly Encore Ashlette)
PD1G (Prima Dolly Ginger)
PD1V (Prima Dolly Violet)
PD2A (Prima Dolly Aubrey)
PD2Ae (Primadolly Encore Aubrey)
PD2E (Prima Dolly Ebony)
PD2S (Prima Dolly Saffy)
PD2Se (Primadolly Encore Saffy)
PD3As (Prima Dolly Ashletina)
PD3Au (Prima Dolly Aubrena)
PD3Vi (Prima Dolly Violetina)
PDAA (Prima Dolly Adorable Aubrey)
PDAm (Prima Dolly Amaryllis)
PDC (Prima Dolly Cassis)
PDCE (Petit de’jeuner Champs Elysees)
PDHS (Prima Dolly Heather Sky)
PDL (Prima Dolly London)
PDM (Prima Dolly Melon)
PDMa (Prima Dolly Marigold)
PDP (Prima Dolly Peach)
PDPa (Prima Dolly Paris)
PDPe (Prima Dolly Peony)
PDT (Prima Dolly Tokyo)
PDWW (Prima Dolly Winsome Willow)
PePr (Penny Precious )
Picca (Piccadilly Dolly)
PiccaE (Piccadilly Dolly Encore)
PiPr (Pineapple Princess)
PM (Phoebe Maybe)
PlPa (Plaid Parade)
PP (Inspired by Pinafore Purple)
PR (Playful Raindrops)
PrPe (Pretty Peony)
PrPo (Prairie Posie)
PS (Princess Shirley)
PunkP (Punkaholic People)
PW (Pickle Winkle )
PWP (Pow Wow Poncho)


Q-pot (Princess Milk BisQuit de Q-pot)


RaRi (Rachel’s Ribbon)
RCC (Rendezvous Chou Chou)
RD (Red Delicious)
RDP (Rainy Day Parade)
RE (Regina Erwen )
RN (Rouge Noir)
RoSo (Royal Solioquy)
Roxy (Roxy Baby)
RR (Rosie Red)
RRe (Rosie Red Encore)
RS (Raspberry Sorbet)
RW (Ribonetta Wish)


SA (Seeking Apelles)
SaSa (Sally Salmagundi)
SaSh (Sara Shades)
SaSp (Sadie Sprinkle)
SB (Sunday Best)
SBB (Simply Bubble Boom)
SBBe (Sweet Bubbly Bear)
SC (Simply Chocolate)
SCC (Strawberries & Cream Cute)
ScMu (Scotty Mum )
SD (Skate Date)
SDe (Simply Delight)
Sea (Sea Sailor See)
SG (Simply Guava)
SH (Sunshine Holiday)
ShVi (Shelley Victorian)
SL (Simply Lilac)
SLF (Sporty Lover Finesse)
SLM (Simply Love Me)
SM (Samedi Marche)
SMa (Simply Mango)
SMe (Samedi Marche Encore)
SMF (Strawbery Mille-feuille)
SN (Slow Nimes)
SnSo (Snowflake Sonata)
SP (Simply Peppermint)
SpBe (Spright Beauty)
SS (Silver Snow)
SSD (Superior Skate Date)
SSS (Simply Sparkly Spark)
STA (Save the Animals)
STT (Simply Thumpty Thump)
StSa (Stella Savannah)
StSe (Stella Serendipitous)
StarD (Star Dancer)
SV (Simply Vanilla)
SVB (Sunday Very Best)
SH (Spring Hope)
SLM (Song of London Mary)


T42 (Tea For Two)
T42e (Tea for Two Encore)
TAA (Time After Alice)
TB (Tokyo Bright)
TD (Tweedly Do)
TF6 (Tommy February 6)
TG (Tailor Gibson)
THM (Ten Happy Memories)
TnT (Tarts & Tea)
TSDB (Tsumori Spirit Dazzling Blythe)
TYOL (Twenty Years of Love)


UC (Urban Cowgirl)
UM (Unicorn Maiden)
UoL (University of Love)
UT (Ultimate Tour)


VA (Vinter Arden)
VCB (Very Cherry Berry)
VD (Varsity Dean)
VF (Vera Florentine)
VL (Veronica Lace)
VM (Velvet Minuet)
VS (V-Smash)
VV (Very Vicky)


WA (Winterish Allure)
WB&SC (Wishful Blythe & Stardust Cinnamoroll)
WeWe (Wendy Weekender)
WMA (White Magic Afternoon)
WMM (White Magic Morning)
WMN (White Magic Night)
WW (Welcome Winter)


YSL (Mondrian)
Yuki (Yuki No Namida Hime)


ZIN (Zinochika)

ZR (Zyanya Remembers)

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